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Tattoo Removal Treatment Process


Tattoo ink pigments are introduced deep into the skin. Over time, white blood cells will only absorb some of the smaller ink particles and leave the larger ink particles in your skin. This is why new tattoos will fade over time but never completely disappear.


We utilize the latest tattoo removal procedure to reach and destroy the tattoo pigments deep beneath your skin.


Our tattoo removal treatment will break down the tattoo pigments into smaller particles for the white blood cells to absorb and flush out of the body. Multiple sessions are required for all the tattoo pigments can be removed.


Multiple sessions are required for all the tattoo pigments to be completely removed, leaving you with clear skin. We provide one of the best tattoo removal treatments in the Asia Pacific region.

Tattoo Removal Treatment FAQ's

Some level of discomfort is expected during the procedure, but it is usually very well tolerated. Anaesthetic cream will be applied prior to the treatment.

For most of our clients, yes. It is highly dependent on the ink colour. Black and dark blue coloured tattoos respond well to the treatment and are therefore easier to be treated.

There is no downtime although your skin may turn a little pinkish for about 15 minutes after the treatment. You may resume normal activities immediately.

Depending on the complexity of the tattoo, ink colour and area surface, it may take up 3 – 5 sessions or 6 – 10 sessions to achieve desired results. As tattoo ink pigments are injected into different depths of your skin, multiple sessions are required to reach the deeper ink layers. It would be best for us to assess your actual condition before we can advise you on the actual number of sessions required.

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